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How Can I Reduce HR Costs?

As The Mad Hatter Says, Time Is Money!  

Look At the Clock. 

How much does a new employee actually cost your company?  

On its website, when talking about the cost of hiring based on the annual salary the US Small Business Administration says

“There’s a rule of thumb that the cost is typically 1.25 to 1.4 times the (annual) salary, depending on certain variables. So, if you pay someone a salary of $35,000, your actual costs likely will range from $43,750 to $49,000.” 

The cost is high because of the time HR staff invests in recruiting, interviewing, preboarding and onboarding a new hire. Once the candidate says yes to your offer, it takes an estimated 230 minutes of dedicated HR time until they’re up and running and ready to start earning their keep. That’s nearly four solid staff hours per new hire, at least half of which goes on routine tasks like filling in all the blanks on mounds of paperwork. Plus, when you factor into that equation the amount of time invested by senior staff from outside HR who are trying to bring their new colleague up to speed and the new hire’s salary for their 90-day trial period, it gets financially very painful indeed! The old ways of preboarding and onboarding a new hire were mind-numbing, time-consuming for everyone involved. 

Assuming your company compensates its HR employees well, overseeing preboarding and onboarding activities is highly paid grunt work. The good news is there’s a better way to get the early heavy-lifting work done. 

It’s digital.  

Leveraging the smartphone in everyone’s pocket or backpack, preboarding and onboarding can happen anywhere. Especially given the disruptions the pandemic has caused around the world, untethering this essential early work from company headquarters not only saves time and money, it reduces stress for everyone involved in the hiring process. With the right preboarding and onboarding software, all the right T’s get crossed and all the I’s are dotted, nothing stalls out because somebody has a dentist’s appointment or a cough, and the new employee climbs onboard the company ship without falling into the harbor along the way. 


Once the new hires are signed up and signed in, their relationship with the company, the team and the job can be initiated and maintained through the same interface that got them on board. The now properly enabled phone becomes the office in your pocket, the team that’s only as far away as your smartphone. With more and more companies around the world re-considering the importance of big buildings and branded campuses, a great application may well become the mother ship. 


Meet YSoft Clerbo, the HR department that fits in your pocket. 


Not content to rest on past achievements, global print management leader, Y Soft, took on the challenge of digital onboarding just in time to have a robust solution ready to go when the global pandemic made face-to-face human relations a dangerous business. Clerbo is technology designed to promote human connection throughout hiring, preboarding, onboarding and getting a new employee up to speed, using a smartphone interface that’s easy to use and guaranteed to be germ-free. It’s an application that can dramatically reduce the cost of recruiting and shorten time-to-productivity. And it also seamlessly migrates to your new colleague’s work PC so they can complete their onboarding there. 


Sign up for a demo with Clerbo today and take your human resources to the next level. 

Jaroslav Bělehrad
Jaroslav graduated in Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, but during his studies, he was already keen on working with people. As a student, he held various positions in IT ranging from technician and ERP consultant to project manager. In 2013, he made his first step towards HR, when he was approached by a technology company to take up a role in recruitment. Afterward, he founded his own recruitment agency and collaborated closely with both technology startups and high-tech corporations in the Czech Republic. Also, in his current position at Y Soft as Global Head of HR, he combines the technology field and working with people, where he takes care of and provides support to employees on five continents. He mainly uses his experience in IT in the adoption of technologies and automation in a field that is otherwise focused on people. 
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