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How Clerbo Empowers a Parent-Friendly Workplace

The happiest and most frequent reason your employees take a leave of absence is the arrival of a new family member. Maybe it’s Dad who stays home with the baby. Maybe it’s Mom. Whoever takes on the full-time new parenting role is going to have a great time—and be away from work long enough for the work environment to change and evolve. In some parts of the world—here in the Czech Republic, for instance, that’s usually two years. In other countries, parental leave may be as short as three months. While individual needs and experiences may and do vary, the fact remains that the new parent who’s been changing diapers and singing lullabies for months or even years is going to have some catching up to do when s/he comes back to work.
Although parenting can claim to be the most-intensive hands-on lesson in time management you can ever learn, with the need to keep multiple tasks in the air simultaneously, the local circus is not looking for a new diaper juggler anytime soon. So, returning to the workplace and recalling the skills you swapped for talcum powder and sleepless nights may feel both necessary and daunting. It can seem like you are entering a lions’ den where not only have they repainted the den’s walls beyond recognition, but even the lions have had an upgrade.
Returning parents will need to be brought up to date with many of the changes that took place in their absence, such as:
Who’s joined the team?
Who’s left the company?
What policies have changed?
What new products have gotten launched?
New clients or customers?
Pricing, availability, support—are they different now?
Has the messaging changed?
How about the vendors?
Has my job itself changed while I’ve been gone?
Is the company different now?
Is the world?
In the natural evolution of business, any and all of these changes can and do happen while a new parent is on leave. From the human capital management point of view, helping an employee who’s been on a protracted leave of absence become effective quickly in the here and now makes sound economic sense, whether that’s in the job he or she used to do, or in a new one that’s more urgent to the company today. For the employee, re-boarding facilitates not just a return to competence but the assurance that the company s/he’s coming back to cares.

The best and fastest way to make that happen?

Y Soft’s Clerbo was designed to make it easy for humans to master information easily, effectively and independently. Content is delivered online and onscreen, via laptop or smartphone, so the employee sets her or his own schedule for learning, at the times that work best. (Baby’s naptime, for instance.)  Content is created by HR admin in appropriately-formed lessons that can be text based, graphics and video based, or a mixture of all three, and reinforced by quizzes that both motivate learning and measure mastery of the material. The beauty is, the creation of the content is easy to structure and deliver and can enable an easy-to-consume approach to returning to work.
Any employee who was pre-boarded and/or on-boarded using Clerbo already knows the interface and how it’s used to deliver content and measure mastery. It’s like having a friend in your pocket who’s ready to teach when you’re ready to learn, one who respects your time and never gets impatient if you have to repeat something a time or two to make sure it sticks. 
Using a simple, powerful and familiar interface makes learning happen faster and stick longer. 
Clerbo is proof that familiarity breeds loyalty. 
Welcome back.

"I returned to work after six years of maternity leave. After such a long time, you literally start from scratch. Systems, processes, colleagues – all this has changed, and you feel like you are missing the train. That’s why I was so glad that my manager, together with HR, had prepared an onboarding plan in Clerbo, in which I saw the full training roadmap as well as the order of individual courses. It is easy to access the training, you can find all courses in one place. What I appreciate a lot is that the training does not disappear, and I can return to it whenever needed." – Iva Belovičová, Fronline Operations Support, Y Soft
Jaroslav Bělehrad
Jaroslav graduated in Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, but during his studies, he was already keen on working with people. As a student, he held various positions in IT ranging from technician and ERP consultant to project manager. In 2013, he made his first step towards HR, when he was approached by a technology company to take up a role in recruitment. Afterward, he founded his own recruitment agency and collaborated closely with both technology startups and high-tech corporations in the Czech Republic. Also, in his current position at Y Soft as Global Head of HR, he combines the technology field and working with people, where he takes care of and provides support to employees on five continents. He mainly uses his experience in IT in the adoption of technologies and automation in a field that is otherwise focused on people. 
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