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Clerbo: Always-On Sales Enablement (Part 1)

For the sales force: The ideal sales enablement practice helps information flow efficiently in multiple directions. 
  • The company, via marketing, educates the sales force and provides the messaging and the materials to sell its products or services effectively.
  • Even as it represents the product to potential buyers, the sales force also shares best practices among its own members.
  • Sales people share what they’ve learned in the marketplace with the company’s development and marketing teams to fuel product growth and message refinement.
  • Development teams consult with sales to validate the features and functionality of new products.
  • And, of course, sales needs to know all about pricing, discounting and deal making—everything it takes to close a solid deal.
That’s the ideal, or something like it.

f a company has an endless supply of dedicated salespeople and an equally big stable of brilliant and hard-working product developers plus a great marketing department and all the time in the world for them all to kick back and compare notes—cool. But that’s often not the way the real world works.

And even in those good healthy times when companies have big budgets and big meetings and everyone hangs out and new products get introduced and some training actually takes place alongside the eating, drinking and visiting—well, it still doesn't ensure that everyone understands the messaging and is well-armed to sell the company’s product in the marketplace.

Learning on Your Laptop or in Your Pocket 

We developed Clerbo as a tool to help HR departments streamline hiring and employee onboarding practices. And, Clerbo did its on-boarding work so well we realized that there were (and are) many more ways the technology can be used. On the HR side, the use cases have multiplied fast to provide a way to re-board employees after parental leave, for instance, to facilitate employee training or to track employee development milestones. It turns out that Clerbo works well as a way to deliver microlearning trainings via smartphone or on your laptop and a reliable review and testing process to make sure that the lessons stick.


With Clerbo, there’s a built-in learning cadence that presents new material, reviews it and tests for mastery in a learning loop that can be repeated until proficiency happens. Because you’re the only person taking the training, it can go at your speed and lessons can be revisited until the material they present is firmly stored in your memory and installed in your mental toolbox. There’s no racing to keep up with other students and no boredom waiting for your fellows to catch up. You, the student, can pick the best time and place to study and the right time to take the quiz.

The goal of sales enablement is to make sure that everyone whose job it is to sell a product understands what it is, what it does, the marketplace it lives in, how to use your sales assets, who the competitors are and how to differentiate your product offering from theirs. It’s important to speak the same language as your prospect and to understand his/her pain points in order to address them. A big part of learning to sell successfully is learning what questions to ask a prospective customer. For those prospects, being treated as an individual, being heard as much as being told to can differentiate you and your product from your competitors.


The Clerbo interface, and the information it delivers, is both your instructor and your ally as you learn what it is you’re selling, the work it does, the benefits it delivers as well as the nuts and bolts of the transaction after you make the sale. It introduces you to your sales assets and makes it possible for your team to track your progress as you master them and carry the new product into the marketplace.

How to Format and Deliver Sales Enablement Assets

Example from Y Soft's Marketing Department.

Ben Fitzwilliams, Partner and Sales Enablement Manager, Y Soft:

“I am clearly a Clerbo advocate, given that this is my 2nd statement on how this solution has improved my roles within Y Soft. Back in 2019, I was employed as a Coronial into Y Soft. Corona made sure I never made it to the head office in Brno for the 2-week-long customary onboarding meetings. Instead, Clerbo provided courses for me to become a Y Softer. Online meetings with new colleagues were booked, product information digested and training courses passed all from the luxury of my kitchen table.

Changing roles to the Sales Enablement Marketing lead in Y Soft, I looked to the Clerbo platform to help expand its use, from not just onboarding new employees, but to helping colleagues with continued education of new products introduced into our portfolio.

In April of 2022, Y Soft marketing introduced its first venture into using Clerbo to help launch Dispatcher Paragon Cloud. Learn all about that in part 2.”

Go to Part 2 here: Always-On Sales Enablement (Part 2) - To Come
Jaroslav Bělehrad
Jaroslav graduated in Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, but during his studies, he was already keen on working with people. As a student, he held various positions in IT ranging from technician and ERP consultant to project manager. In 2013, he made his first step towards HR, when he was approached by a technology company to take up a role in recruitment. Afterward, he founded his own recruitment agency and collaborated closely with both technology startups and high-tech corporations in the Czech Republic. Also, in his current position at Y Soft as Global Head of HR, he combines the technology field and working with people, where he takes care of and provides support to employees on five continents. He mainly uses his experience in IT in the adoption of technologies and automation in a field that is otherwise focused on people. 
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