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YSoft Clerbo for HR Managers

Help your employees discover the important moments of their careers.
Man looking at tablet with floating clipboard & heart icons
Mobile showing the email

Welcome aboard

As soon as your successful candidate accepts the job offer, Clerbo sends a personal welcome message to the new hire. Think of it as a digital handshake. Your relationship is off to a good start.
Preboarding screen

Before day one: preboarding

Preboarding is a two-way information trade—everything your company needs to know to enroll the new hire, everything the new hire needs to know about your company culture to feel welcomed to the job right away.
Preboarding schedule and positive colleagues

Day one: productive and worry free

With preboarding, there’s no lag time between showing up and starting to contribute. The new hire knows what to wear, where to sit, who’s on the team and what to expect on day one.
Laptop with Learning screen

Near-term goals: the onboarding plan

Prior to the new hire’s first day, you and the hiring manager can create a personalized onboarding plan that defines goals, meets learning needs and creates milestones to ensure the new hire’s start with your company is successful.
Clerbo features

There’s more: Build upon the successful start

Clerbo helps the employee experience the job offer and company culture well beyond onboarding. This is especially critical for today’s hybrid or remote work relationships. Clerbo’s additional features aid with access to company processes, tools and other information employees need for their long-term success.