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What is Clerbo and how it helps new hires

Clerbo – a digital guide for new employees and their managers.

The video is in Czech, but English subtitles are also available.

Welcome to Clerbo, an online application that makes onboarding easier and more enjoyable for all new employees.

Each new employee gains access to the application well in advance of their start date. In the guide, they can find an overview of the company and easily resolve all necessary admin. In addition, they are alerted to key dates and receive reminders of what still needs to be done.

The guide is tailor-made for each new employee and the position they are taking on.

During onboarding, employees have at their disposal a summary of the training sessions already completed and what still lies ahead. For easier navigation, the application stores all important links in one place. Clerbo also continually provides important news updates. The application can be opened both on a computer and mobile phone, giving employees the opportunity to look through all available information, any time, any place.

With the Clerbo overview of new employees‘ tasks available to them, managers get to participate actively in the onboarding process of their new employees. Receiving the necessary compliance with internal company policies also becomes significantly easier with Clerbo. One click online eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork.